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PDF The health condition in the Sami population of Sweden

Sweden Demographics Profile. note: data represent the population by country of birth; the indigenous Sami people are estimated to number between 20,000 and 40,000. Church of Sweden (Lutheran) 60.2%, other (includes Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist) 8.5%, none or unspecified 31.3% (2017 est.) note: estimates reflect registered members of faith communities eligible for state funding (not all religions are state-funded and not all people who identify with a Currently, 87.9 % of the population of Sweden is urban (8,817,415 people in 2019) Population Density The 2019 population density in Sweden is 24 people per Km 2 (63 people per mi 2 ), calculated on a total land area of 410,340 Km2 (158,433 sq. miles).

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Following a request from the UN, the Swedish support team was stationed in Sarajevo and asked to take responsibility for transporting supplies  Granskningsnämnden för radio och TV [The Swedish Broadcasting Commission] day 75 per cent of the Swedish population between the ages of 9 and. Sweden is the European country with the highest percentage of innovative firms that cational background and ethnicity of the CEO (Sousa et al., 2008; Nielsen​  Sweden Ministry for Foreign Affairs Folke Bernadotte Academy Government Offices of Support is given to the population to develop the ability to analyze and  (2006) On the art of developing partnerships, National Institute of Working Life, Sweden of the population (or representative within your relevant age group)? 29 mars 2021 — Sweden. Norway. 2017. 2018.

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11 10. 4 4. 4 Black-American Indian.

Sweden ethnicity breakdown

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Sweden ethnicity breakdown

The country has more than 8,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. While the government has not reported a breakdown by ethnicity, local researchers noted “an astonishing high rate” of deaths among the Somali population in late March, and recent statistics suggest a disproportionate number of infections in areas of the capital and national center of the "There are numerous estimates predicting that ethnic Swedes will become a minority at some point in the future. In a 1994 book “Immigration: breakdown or development", researchers Ingrid Björkman, Jan Elfverson and Åke Wedin projected that ethnic Swedes would become a minority in 2056. In Randomly Selected: Ethnic/Racial Profiling in Sweden, a recent report by criminologist Leandro Schclarek Mulinari, Afro-Swedes, Muslims, and Romani minorities detail how they are stopped, harassed, and intimidated by police and security guards based on their appearance, oftentimes using unnecessarily violent and intimidating methods. In total from 2012 - 2017, there was 843 people convicted of rape in Sweden. 842 were men, and 1 was woman.

Sweden ethnicity breakdown

In the late 19th century, millions of Scandinavians emigrated to North America and Scandinavian cultural influence is readily apparent in the Midwestern United States, where many locals bear Scandinavian surnames. 2019-09-13 · If we are interested in examining the performance of Sweden in ethnicity estimation, lower precision would manifest with the individuals that are known to be from other nearby countries (say Denmark, Norway or Finland) being assigned to the Swedish cluster.
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After abolishing slavery, Sweden extended its tradition of being white supremacist by helping develop the pseudoscience of race biology. Those in the south of Sweden are closely related to people in northern Germany who descend to a large extent from Neolithic-era farmers who arrived in Europe from the Middle East after some tribes already had settled in Europe, while those in central Sweden have a higher quantity of indigenous Scandinavian ancestry stemming from hunter-gatherers, and many of those in northern Sweden are closely related to Finnish or Saami people.

Race and ethnicity of U.S. households in 2015, by size Native and foreign-born Hispanic population of the U.S. 2016-2060 Further Content: You might find this interesting as well 2014-12-15 · To create a more inclusive society, counter such patterns and curb the rise of the Sweden Democrats, the traditional definition of the nation in terms of race and ethnicity needs to go.
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The Swedish Migration  icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, age groups, age distribution, nationality, country of birth). Name  av M Carlsson · 2006 · Citerat av 758 — In 2002, foreign-born individuals composed twelve percent of the total population of. Sweden.