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Zipf's Law is an empirical law, that was proposed by George Kingsley Zipf, an American Linguist. According to Zipf's law, the frequency of a given word is dependent on the inverse of it's rank. Zipf's law is one of the many important laws that plays a significant part in natural language processing, the other being Heaps' Law. According to Zipf's law, in a list of word forms ordered by the frequency of occurrence, the frequency of the rth word form obeys a power function of r (the value r is called the rank of the word form). Calculation of Precise Constants in a Probability Model of Zipf's Law Generation and Asymptotics of Sums of Multinomial Coefficients Zipf’s Law In 1930-s, an American linguist George Kingsley Zipf was working on the distribution of words in natural languages when he noticed a curious phenomenon. Just over a hundred English words account for almost half of both spoken and written language.

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It desribes the word behaviour in an entire corpus and can be regarded as a roughly accurate characterization of certain empirical facts. Zipf’s law: when we draw log-rank against log-size, we get a straight line, with a slope, which we shall call z, that is very close3 to 1. In terms of the distribution, this means that the probability that the size of a city is greater than some S is proportional to 1/S: P(Size . S) 5a/Sz, with z .

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Detta fenomen som heter "Zipf's law" är mer än ett århundrade  Zipfs lag, sannolikt, påståendet att frekvenserna f för vissa händelser är omvänt proportionella mot deras rang r. Lagen föreslog ursprungligen  Zipfs Law: det vanliga blir mer och mer vanligt, ett litet antal ord förekommer om och om igen i alla texter (frekvensen som påverkar).

Zipfs law

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Zipfs law

Surprisingly, Zipf’s Law does not just hold true for cities in the United States, but rather it has been correlated with urban population totals in nearly every developed country across the world. Zipf's Law is an empirical law, that was proposed by George Kingsley Zipf, an American Linguist.

Zipfs law

S) 5a/Sz, with z .
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Köp Theory of Zipf's Law and Beyond av Alexander I Saichev, Yannick Malevergne, Didier Sornette på  Zipf's law is one of the few quantitative reproducible regularities found in e- nomics.
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